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Gamer’s Haven was established in October 2000 as a comfortable place for gamer’s of all kinds to enjoy their hobby. In the years since we have been helping players find and play new games, improve their hobby enjoyment, provide a great space to play, and make memories one game at a time! We are a full service tabletop game store that offers board, card, miniature, dice and role playing games in addition to paint and hobby supplies, graphic novels, manga, classic games and more! We welcome our diverse community of gamer’s to join us in our “War Room” gaming space for regular events, tournaments and game nights to get involved in the fun!

Our Game Team

Gamers Haven has an amazing group of informed and talented people ready to assist you in any way they can. They are all fellow gamers and will be happy to share with you from their own experience.

Rob, Owner Gamers Haven


The Man, the Myth, the Legend.

Rob is the Founder and Owner of Gamer’s Haven. Keeping the store alive through those important first few years with help from Troy and others. He has more help these days, and continues to guide the growth and evolution of the store.

 Rob is our resident fan of Tanks, Mechs, and pretty much all varieties of Orc. He also enjoys Lovecraftian Horror and plays the various Arkham Horror and Cthulhu games when he is not busy doing all the hard work one might expect of an independent business owner.

Mike from Gamers Haven


Mike is a recent addition to our team, joining in 2017 and working as our team Manager. 

He is a big fan of Miniatures games, especially Warhammer Age of Sigmar and 40,000. Mike can regularly be found on Wednesday nights playing Age of Sigmar when he is not working or helping out with our Magic: The Gathering organized play.

Mike’s favorite games include Age of Sigmar and the AoS Champions card game.

Troy Gamers Haven Team


Troy has been with the store since the very beginning, still going strong helping customers on the weekends. He loves historical wargaming! Troy is particularly fond of WW2 and Napoleonics, but doesn’t limit his options, playing many different eras and rulesets.

Troy founded our Haven Historicals club, helping ensure a variety of historical game content and events on Sunday mornings. Troy’s favorite games include Cruel Seas, Dead Man’s Hand, Dust 1947, Boss Monster, and Star Wars Edge of The Empire.

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