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Extended Hours and In-Store Gaming!

Beginning Monday, March 1st, Gamer's Haven is happy to announce we are extending our hours and will be reopening the War Room (game room) on a limited basis!

All seats are by reservation only. You can sign up online by clicking the Join An Event button below. Then simply select a table and the number of seats you want to reserve, provide your contact information, and Viola! you're in!

Currently, we can only accommodate tactical miniatures gaming in the War Room. We will look to open it up to more types of games in the coming weeks and months, but safety remains our top priority.

Please note, in the interest of the safety of all of our patrons, the following rules will be strictly enforced.
1. You will need to submit to a temperature scan upon arrival. If your scan reads greater than 99 degrees, you will be scanned again after 10 minutes. If still above 99, you will be asked to leave and try again on another date.
2. You must wear a mask covering your nose and mouth at all times while in the War Room. This will be strictly enforced. If we have to ask you repeatedly to wear your mask properly, you will be asked to leave.
3. There will be a hand sanitizing station as you enter. Please use it.
4. Except for setup and tear-down, you are asked to remain only at your assigned table for the duration of your gaming event. This is to ensure we comply with social distancing guidelines.
5. There will be a limited number of slots at each table. As a courtesy to others, please only sign up if you are sure you will be playing.

Thank you! And ... welcome back!



Gamer's Haven is exactly what the name says — A Haven.
You will see from the moment you enter our doors 
that we are not just a
game store, but a place to come, relax, and enjoy time with fellow enthusiasts.
Whether you're new to tabletop gaming, or a seasoned pro,
we've got what you need to get the most enjoyment
from this rich hobby.


Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Star Wars, and so much more! Join one of our groups or forums to engage in discussion, strategize campaigns, or just  ask questions about your favorite RPGs. Check our monthly events calendar and head over to the store to play with fellow enthusiasts.

Hobby Supplies

Need supplies for a current project? Looking for a new project to start? Interested in painting, converting, kitbashing, sculpting, etc.? Gamer's Haven is here for you! Check out our calendar of nightly events or join one of our groups to participate and learn.

Board Games

Whether you like High strategy “Euro” games, light and casual party games, or anything in between, our team is here for you. Looking for discussion, news, reviews, and events for all things related to board and card games? Visit the store or check out one of our groups.


From 6mm to 32mm and everything in between, we have all things for miniature gaming. If your gaming preference is Historical, Sci-fi, Fantasy, or others, Gamer’s Haven is the place to come! We're Colorado's leading retailer for Games Workshop, Dust USA, and Battlefront Miniatures.

Collectible Card Games

Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, and more! Visit the store to check out the latest releases, and stay to discuss collectible and living card games or  connect with other players! 

Trade Paperbacks

Are you a fan of Trade Paperbacks and Graphic Novels? What have you been reading? What would you recommend? Our Trade Paperback section is growing, and we want your input! Join one of our discussion groups to or come on down to the store and meet with others that share your passion.

Our Mission

At Gamer's Haven, our name says it all. We want to create an atmosphere that is warm and inviting for all tabletop game enthusiasts! We do this three ways.

First, we offer a variety of games and game accessories for virtually every tabletop gaming experience. Whether you're into board games, miniatures, roleplaying, collectible card games, family or party games, we have a wide range of products on offer. Come in and check them out!

Second, we have knowledgeable staff who are just as interested in your hobby as you are! Need recommendations for a new game? Advice on painting your miniatures? Or, just want to talk to someone who shares your enthusiasm? Our friendly staff is always ready to discuss this great pass time!

Third, we offer a safe space for gamers to come together and enjoy their gaming hobby. We have tables for miniatures gaming as well as for board and card games. We also offer a library of games that are available for patrons to play for free! While the Covid-19 pandemic has caused us to temporarily close our game room, we anticipate opening again when we can do so safely.

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At Gamer's Haven, we are very serious about the health and safety of our customers and associates. During this pandemic, we require all employees and visitors to wear masks while on the premises. Additionally, we may limit the number of patrons in the store at any one time. Our "War Room" (game room) will be reopening on a limited basis beginning in March, with a number of safety measures to ensure everyone has an enjoyable -- and safe -- experience. We also continue to offer curbside pickup for customers who want to limit their exposure. We appreciate everyone's cooperation during these crazy times.

Thank you!