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  1. Bretonnian Peasant uprising fluff #2

    Huebald, Duke of Carcassonne

    I trust that this letter reaches you in good health.

    This letter has reached you, by way of the now freed Damsel my men captured in our recent skirmish. I am certain she can confirm that no harm was done to her, and I would assure you that injuries to your men were only inflicted in self defense. I understand that you have come here to the aid of your allies, who have no doubt marked my movement as a threat. I suppose it would be fair ...
  2. WHFB Bretonnia Fluff - Crushing the (or Ed's) Rebellion

    My Dearest Prince Theodor,

    I pray this letter finds you well, although I wish I was writing to you with better tidings. Word from the north has reached my lands that there is peasant uprising in your lands. I am most apologetic for this insolent annoyance, and offer you whatever you need to crush these ungrateful sods. If the rumors I hear are true this Marcus has marshaled quite a considerable force, including many of your former men at arms and bow levies. Iíve also heard rumors ...
  3. WHFB Bretonnian Peasant Uprising Fluff

    -To my lord, the honorable Prince Theodor,

    I hope this letter finds you in good health. I have scouted the areas and camps of the uprising as you instructed, and what follows is my assessment as you requested:

    The rumours surrounding the origins of the uprising suggest that it began after Knights in the area did become lax in their vows to protect and care for the people that served them, and discontent grew until Marcus, Captain of the watch and one of Ser DuMont's
  4. Legends of the High Seas Privateer crew

    Captain Miles Kelly is a former British commonwealth navy officer that didn't care for the strict rules and regulations of the navy or his Captain, and decided on the greater freedom afforded to a privateer, stealing a small vessel and signing a Letter of Marque with the French.

    A bold and savvy Captain, he regularly ignores rules and beliefs common to other sailors of the day, such as enlisting women and maintaining a degree of honor uncommon to many of his contemporaries. ...
  5. The Austrian Army in 1809

    The 1809 Campaign is one of the most interesting and yet one of the least known to most people. Napoleon was hip deep in Spain and not ready for another round with Austria when they started moving west. In a few short weeks the Austrian armies were destroyed and would not play a large part again until 1813.

    The Austrian armies were large but hamstrung with a antiquated command system ...