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  1. 60 Ways to personalize your BattleMech

    60 Ways to personalize your BattleMech
    Leather Upholstery
    Fuzzy Dice
    Ice chest next to heat sinks filled with Old English 800
    Radar detector on dashboard
    Flame decals on sides
    Tinted windows
    CD player w/ Dolby Surround-sound.
    Picks up dirty satellite channels
    Gun Rack
    Custom exhaust manifold
    Luggage rack over Tactical Targeting Modual
    3 year or 30,000 mile service contract ...
  2. Warhammer 40k, The Movie. Review

    I just finished watching this movie, it arrived today via USPS only a week delayed from projected delivery. The Web-site said their was a delay in a part of the package that was not the movie. OK. Works for me.

    I did spend the dollars and get the deluxe version. The box set is nice, with cover artwork around the outer cardboard shell. Sliding that off, you have a heavier cardboard box, open at the bottom for the goodies to fall out. The artwork is the same and is iconic to the game. ...
  3. Scenariodrome: The Ouroboros Imperative

    This on-going set of scenarios is a sincere, heartfelt ripoff of the old TV show Millennium. The show followed the investigations and probable mental deterioration of Frank Black, a possibly psychic former FBI profiler and potential recruit for a millennial apocalypse cult. A little dark for network TV, the show only ran three seasons.

    Player characters will be members of the Ouroboros ...
  4. Scenariodrome: Vampire Wars

    I recently posted a review of an awful, dreadful movie in which I asserted it might make a good game.
    You can check the movie out yourself here for $3. It's a bargain at twice the price.
    At any rate, in the Scenariodrome, we put up or shut up. So it's time to find out how good ...
  5. The Scenariodrome On Vampires

    I hate vampires. Don't get me wrong, I love to hate them. Pulp fiction wouldn't be the same without them. It'd be like baseball without the Yankees. The default position of the Scenariodrome is this: Vampires Are Bad. They do not sparkle. Their love does not transcend the ages. They are demonic, parasitic vermin that must be dispatched coolly, efficiently, and with extreme prejudice.

    The Scenariodrome, ...